Meet Dave and Kathy

Meet Dave and Kathy! We are a multi-generational beekeeping family living and operating a small bee and honey farm in the Pacific Northwest, specifically Glenoma, Washington. Dave, a veteran, is retired from retail and Kathy is a full time registered nurse. Dave and Kathy's dad work in two bee yards caring for the bees and in the woodshop building hive boxes. Kathy uses honey and beeswax to handcraft the gift items and is the office manager. We help each other's bee yard when needed and we all work together processing the honey, selling at the farmers markets, bazaars and in the store. In addition to the online store, we opened the retail store of beekeeping supplies, honey and gift shop in September 2020. Our focus is to build healthy bee hives to pollinate our farm and community's fruit, vegetables and flowers while increasing the honeybee population. Our honey is a mild flavored light amber that earned a blue ribbon at our 2018 and 2019 Washington State Fair. Thank you for your business!