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Four Cedars Apiary is very proud to announce that our honey earned a 1st Place Blue Ribbon at the Washington State Fair 2018. Our honey is a light amber to amber color depending on the time of year it was taken from the hives and has a light taste with floral notes of mixed wildflower. Our raw honey is local to eastern Lewis County in southwest Washington. We sell our honey in various sizes at prices based on the regional honey sales set forth by the American Bee Journal reporting data. We have a Cottage Food Industry license that allows us to produce other flavored honey products that can only be sold face to face to the end consumer. We can be found at the local Farmer's Market, special community event venues and at Town & Country Flowers in Morton, Washington. We are also are happy sell by appointment and/or deliver in the local area. In addition to the sizes listed here, we have other glass containers that can be purchased in person; sorry we cannot ship glass.

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